Rico Martin

Ricky Martin has and always will be the first thing that comes to my head when someone asks the meaning of “sexy”

Not only sexy, also guapo, guapísimo! y con mucho carisma ;)

Ícono latinoamericano 100%, but why?

Even though his style has changed a lot during these last years, he has a special signature, his smile, his dance moves and the way he performs on stage.

Here are some of his album covers:

Ricky_Martin.1991300  Ricky_Martin-Me_Amaras-FrontalRicky Martin album covers from 1991 and 1993

ricky-martin-a-medio-vivir-importado_MLM-F-73121882_5602 Album “A medio vivir” 1995

ricky-martin-vuelve-cd_MLM-F-76263466_267Album “Vuelve” 1998

142263;encoding=jpg;size=300“Ricky Martin” 2000 

21542002526516370551“Sound Loaded” 2000

images (1)“Almas del silencio” 2003   

images“Life” 2005  

Ricky Martin - Musica Alma Sexo“Música + Alma + Sexo” 2010

And three music videos, in order to understand why his attitude is his signature, you must see them:

Do you think of Ricky Martin as a fashion icon?

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