Exploring beauty: tatuajes

Tattoos are one way to express ideas, they have been part of many cultures, from a long time ago.

They have also had thousands of interpretations and studies

In many cases, a tattoo is an ornament, but still, we want them in our body in a permanent way. For many people are symbols, it represents something important in our lives.

A tattoo is at the end a scar, isn’t one of those scars that life give us as a surprise. We choose this one.

We choose to carry a scar with a meaning, an intention, a message.

¿What message?

b95e9c796f7d3c3b8b0a4ec4587c886bRick Genest




27f248b18c0c71f52862c382be5e16c1All images from Pinterest

Do you think tattoos are part of fashion history?

Do they work as inspiration?

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