From art: Tremendously exquisite hair

Hairstyles had changed over time, but there is one thing for sure, it has been always there.

It has been described beautifully by writers and poets, painted by artists, enhanced by fashion photographers, stylists, hair dressers…

Alfons Mucha is a Czech Art Nouveau painter.

He is famous because of his illustrations where gorgeous women are shown surrounded by extremely elaborated details, mainly flowers.

The most striking detail is the way the hair is illustrated, following the same lines and shapes mostly used by Art Nouveau.

In his paintings, women’s hair seems to be moving, surrounded by a very liquid breeze. As the hair of a mermaid.


alphonse mucha 2

alphonse mucha 3

alphonse mucha

Hair is a natural accessory, nature’s first fashion gift.

Do you feel the same way about hair?

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