Exploring beauty: Drag Queen

A man dresses and acts as a woman, but he is not only dressing he is transforming himself.

Being a Drag Queen seems to be fascinating, it’s not just about clothes and make up, even though I have been always inspired by this flamboyant aesthetics.

It’s mostly about attitude, a Drag Queen it’s a woman that LOVES being one.

A woman that is not afraid of making any kind of joke, dances all night long, she is not ashamed to flirt with everyone in the room, she is proud of the way she looks and isn’t afraid to show it.

Drag Queens are men that seem to be born again in a different body and soul.




leeland bobbe 2

leeland bobbe 3

leeland bobbePhotos by Leeland Bobbe

How do you feel about Drag Queens?

Do they inspire you?




  1. Nice post. I am a drag queen too and really its like this what you did write on your article. You can visit my blog too, it’s all about of drag queens :)

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