Latin American Icons: heroínas mexicanas de los 80

Mexican soap operas are transmitted to millions of people, in a lot of Latin American countries, so we can’t ignore the power they have over popular culture.

And because popular culture and fashion are closely related, we will remember famous heroines from 80’s soap operas.

It’s interesante to realize that the most remarkable feature of a heroine’s look is her big big hair, it not only represents beauty and youth, but also innocence and tenderness through it’s very exagerated and strong.

El pelo grande de los años ochenta es un elemento poderoso y obligatorio para una heroína memorable.

Here our heroines:

encadenados dosChristian Bach en “Encadenados”

tu o nadieLucía Méndez en “Tu o nadie”

veronica castro3Verónica Castro en ” Los ricos también lloran”

thalia_quinceanera_1Adela Noriega y Thalía en “Quinceañera”

So if you want to channel your inner heroine, get a perm, pump it up with lots of spray and match it with a nice shade of lipstick ;)

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