From art: Voluptuous Venus

Voluptuous women have been always present in art.

Their bodies are graceful, femenine and beautiful. The way light touches every curve in this paintings and photographs is really poetic.

So this is why I’m glad about modern day venuses drawing a different path into the fashion industry.

venus miloVenus de Milo


Venus de Tiziano

Venus-at-a-Mirror-c.-1615 rubensVenus en el espejo, Rubens

tumblr_m5mfldAj7A1qdwzgdo1_1280Nacimiento de Venus, Boticelli

bree warrenBree Warren

tara lynn y cystalrennCrystal Renn y Tara Lynn

candice huffineCandice Huffine



e29ad35c00a8b42fab8943347d6979a1All pictures from Pinterest

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