Inspiration: Miss Zhivago

One of the most exquisite things I remember from David Lean’s Doctor Zhivago is the costume design. I love those scenes were Lara is wearing all this enormous fur hats because the weather is extremely cold and aggressive. She seems to handle it nicely, but still has this really tender and delicate look because she is wearing fur.

I have seen the faux fur hoodie in pictures from Tommy Ton and some fashion shows from New York Fashion Week fall 2013.

Me gusta, me gusta que el pelo no sea solo un detalle sino que se use mucho, y me gustan estas capuchas grandes, excesivas y con mucho protagonismo.

Estas capuchas de pelo XXL son como la melena de un león, o como la cola de un pavo real, muy agresivas pero delicadas, como la imagen de Lara luchando contra el crudo invierno en Dr. Zhivago.

miss zhivago moodboard 2


Afiche y escenas de la película

wall esquimo

Images from Tommy Ton,, Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 fashion show (also from, Hervé Léger by Maz Azria fall 2013,  and Pinterest.

esquimal dos

Collage by Fashion Pachanga

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