From art: grotesque





odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.

fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruoushuman
 and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.


any grotesque object, design, person, or thing.
1555–65;  < French  < Italian grottesco  (as noun, grottesca  grotesque decoration such as was
 apparentlyfound in excavated dwellings), derivative of grotta.  See grotto-esque

Related forms

gro·tesque·ly, adverb
gro·tesque·ness, noun
un·gro·tesque, adjective
1. distorted, deformed, weird, antic, wild. See fantastic.
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Everything has a dark side, and I believe grotesque is the dark side of beautiful, so it should be as inspiring as beauty itself:
fashion pachanga grotesque
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  1. The detailed photographic illustrations of the nude female form have nothing
    to do with race. It’s a good question. Raheb takes her to visit a Western psychotherapist who speaks to her about moving on and forgiving herself, about finding alternative ways to reconnect with her son. But India’s cinema times squaretic cult was always of hero-worship.

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