Today is Valentines day, even if we don’t celebrate it, publicity is everywhere. So one way or another, we are living it.

I will join this frenzy by talking about one of the most pleasant things to do.


A kiss seems to be like a very tiny and momentary universe.

Is soft, and hard at the same time.

Also wet and dry.

It’s dark, but brings you light.

Here some thoughts about kisses:

First, the scene in “Cinema Paradiso” where Salvatore finds all the pieces from censored old movies:

Auguste Rodin’s famous sculpture, named Kiss:

auguste rodin' s kiss sculpture

Albert Einstein’s thoughts about kissing:

albert einstein quoteAnd this amazing photographs:

kiss-photography-andy-barter (1)

kiss-photography-andy-barter (2)

kiss-photography-andy-barter (11).previewKiss series by Andy Barter

Go out there, grab someone and kiss him/her!!!

Happy Valentine’s day!!