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From art: grotesque





odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character; fantastically ugly or absurd; bizarre.

fantastic in the shaping and combination of forms, as in decorative work combining incongruoushuman
 and animal figures with scrolls, foliage, etc.


any grotesque object, design, person, or thing.
1555–65;  < French  < Italian grottesco  (as noun, grottesca  grotesque decoration such as was
 apparentlyfound in excavated dwellings), derivative of grotta.  See grotto-esque

Related forms

gro·tesque·ly, adverb
gro·tesque·ness, noun
un·gro·tesque, adjective
1. distorted, deformed, weird, antic, wild. See fantastic.
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Everything has a dark side, and I believe grotesque is the dark side of beautiful, so it should be as inspiring as beauty itself:
fashion pachanga grotesque
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From art: sheer

Sheer fabrics are light and provocative.

They have been present in fashion from a long time ago.

Here is some inspiration.

fashion pachanga sheer inspiration in art 1


fashion pachanga sheer inspiration in art 2


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From art: überluxurious architecture

Here are some images from a very inspiring place. La Compañía de Quito.

Wikipedia describes it better:

“The Church of the Society of Jesus, known colloquially as La Compañía) is a Jesuit church in the historic center of QuitoEcuador. It is among the best-known churches in Quito because of its large central nave, which is profusely decorated with gold leafgilded plaster and wood carvings…. La Compañía is one of the most significant works of Spanish Baroque architecture in South America.”

la compañía


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From art: Constantin Brancusi

Constantin Brancusi is my favorite sculptor.

Es un placer ver formas tan delicadas y tiernas, superficies limpias y simplicidad en sus líneas.


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From art: nipple stimulation

Fashion takes inspiration from everywhere, not only places, not only nature, but also behaviours and feelings. If fashion is a reflect of our culture (and everything that comes with it) it should also reflect sexuality.

There have been different approaches into erogenous zones in both, female and male body during  the history of fashion in the twentieth century, at least in western fashion because this zones are different according to culture.

Here it’s some inspiration:

f78fd34b25006899a9a0216796781c97From The Cool Hunter blog

maria picassoMonica Belucci by Maria Picasso

richard gray

Richard Gray

Vitor PickersgillFashion editorial shooted by Vitor Pickersgill

71430d6f4033c65dabc08bb3004c4f20Vintage Versace fashion editorial with Claudia Schiffer

From art: Voluptuous Venus

Voluptuous women have been always present in art.

Their bodies are graceful, femenine and beautiful. The way light touches every curve in this paintings and photographs is really poetic.

So this is why I’m glad about modern day venuses drawing a different path into the fashion industry.

venus miloVenus de Milo


Venus de Tiziano

Venus-at-a-Mirror-c.-1615 rubensVenus en el espejo, Rubens

tumblr_m5mfldAj7A1qdwzgdo1_1280Nacimiento de Venus, Boticelli

bree warrenBree Warren

tara lynn y cystalrennCrystal Renn y Tara Lynn

candice huffineCandice Huffine



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From art: Tremendously exquisite hair

Hairstyles had changed over time, but there is one thing for sure, it has been always there.

It has been described beautifully by writers and poets, painted by artists, enhanced by fashion photographers, stylists, hair dressers…

Alfons Mucha is a Czech Art Nouveau painter.

He is famous because of his illustrations where gorgeous women are shown surrounded by extremely elaborated details, mainly flowers.

The most striking detail is the way the hair is illustrated, following the same lines and shapes mostly used by Art Nouveau.

In his paintings, women’s hair seems to be moving, surrounded by a very liquid breeze. As the hair of a mermaid.


alphonse mucha 2

alphonse mucha 3

alphonse mucha

Hair is a natural accessory, nature’s first fashion gift.

Do you feel the same way about hair?