Latin American Icons

Latin American Icons: heroínas mexicanas de los 80

Mexican soap operas are transmitted to millions of people, in a lot of Latin American countries, so we can’t ignore the power they have over popular culture.

And because popular culture and fashion are closely related, we will remember famous heroines from 80’s soap operas.

It’s interesante to realize that the most remarkable feature of a heroine’s look is her big big hair, it not only represents beauty and youth, but also innocence and tenderness through it’s very exagerated and strong.

El pelo grande de los años ochenta es un elemento poderoso y obligatorio para una heroína memorable.

Here our heroines:

encadenados dosChristian Bach en “Encadenados”

tu o nadieLucía Méndez en “Tu o nadie”

veronica castro3Verónica Castro en ” Los ricos también lloran”

thalia_quinceanera_1Adela Noriega y Thalía en “Quinceañera”

So if you want to channel your inner heroine, get a perm, pump it up with lots of spray and match it with a nice shade of lipstick ;)


Rico Martin

Ricky Martin has and always will be the first thing that comes to my head when someone asks the meaning of “sexy”

Not only sexy, also guapo, guapísimo! y con mucho carisma ;)

Ícono latinoamericano 100%, but why?

Even though his style has changed a lot during these last years, he has a special signature, his smile, his dance moves and the way he performs on stage.

Here are some of his album covers:

Ricky_Martin.1991300  Ricky_Martin-Me_Amaras-FrontalRicky Martin album covers from 1991 and 1993

ricky-martin-a-medio-vivir-importado_MLM-F-73121882_5602 Album “A medio vivir” 1995

ricky-martin-vuelve-cd_MLM-F-76263466_267Album “Vuelve” 1998

142263;encoding=jpg;size=300“Ricky Martin” 2000 

21542002526516370551“Sound Loaded” 2000

images (1)“Almas del silencio” 2003   

images“Life” 2005  

Ricky Martin - Musica Alma Sexo“Música + Alma + Sexo” 2010

And three music videos, in order to understand why his attitude is his signature, you must see them:

Do you think of Ricky Martin as a fashion icon?

Oye tu! wild thing!

Fashion has been always relying its head on nature’s shoulder, and it doesn’t only takes inspiration from colors or textures but also from behaviors, in this way fashion creators build a metaphor to describe a certain character.

A tigress has been used to describe a mysterious, exotic and voluptuous woman, who seduces at first sight, and there are just too many examples in fashion editorials, performers wardrobe… etc.

But there are three examples that must be shown.

The first one is the ad campaign for the Animale fragrance, which portraits a tigress wearing the most exquisite make – up, which is not heavy or complicated, that is what makes it really worthy.

What strokes me the most about this image is how simple make up ideas and hair dressing can show a very complex concept.


Animale ad campaign, mid 90’s

The second one is Jean Paul – Goude and Naomi Campbell fashion editorial for Harper’s Bazaar. Campbell doesn’t become a mythological creature like in the Animale ad, instead, she interacts with them, the photographs are very natural and sun kissed, it’s a really warm approach to the tigress.


Jean Paul – Goude and Naomi Campbell fashion editorial.

The third one is the most curious case, a Peruvian head dresser who later on became singer of popular folk music. La Tigresa del Oriente.

This last one is hard for me to explain, there are many layers to analyze, from the way she approaches to the concept breaking many of the fashion industry standards like youth, a certain type of figure and mixing hair, make-up, nails, animal prints and lace heavily.

When she performs on stage she also moves from time to time like a tiger. Puro estilacho latino!, ¿verdad?



La tigresa del Oriente

It’s happening, boundaries are already broken, and around the world we have different interpretations for what a tigress (in fashion) is.