The many faces of Fashion

The many faces of fashion: beauty editorials

I like when beauty editorials dare to push the boundaries of a beauty shot.

I like to see things from this “macro” point of view.

Como siempre, la provocación es uno de los elementos que mas impacto causan, a mi parecer, en este tipo de fotografías.

Me gusta la manera en la que el maquillaje esta siendo aplicado, y la actitud que este desencadena en la persona que lo usa, por que a la final de cuentas, es como una máscara muy delgada con la que nos cubrimos todos los días.

Puede verse de esta manera o puede ser un medio de expresar lo que queremos reflejar de nosotros, o de cómo quisiéramos ser.

fashion pachanga beauty editorials


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The many faces of fashion: sexvertising

Fashion advertising tries to get to our deepest feelings that is what I like about it.

In this case, our desire for sex or something sex-related. We hear all the time that sex sells, and it’s true because everyone likes it.

Here some fashion sexvertising:

fashion pachanga sexvertising


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The many faces of fashion: vintage covers

This four vintage Vogue covers are featuring one very speciall element: MISTERY.

fashion pachanga vintage face vogue covers


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The many faces of Fashion: portada supercaliente

I like magazine covers because they only get one chance. If they don’t catch your attention, they are dead.

A great image is the most important thing in a magazine cover, There are two kinds of photographs, seductives and supercalientes. Supercalientes are also seductive, but suggestive, clever and extremely beautiful.

I took this word from Spain’s Harper’s Bazaar cover, I think is one of the most beautiful words ever invented.

So I was searching for supercalientes magazine covers, and here its what I found:


Spain Harper’s Bazaar




Dazed and Confused


 Love Magazine


V magazine Spain

The many faces of Fashion: backstage

Yes, Fashion has many faces, some of them are complex and other are really simple.

What about fashion shows?

There are so many things we can take from this kind of experience, just by attending to one.

But then, what happens backstage?

Everyone describes it as total madness.

Beauty bloom from chaos.

Here are some images:

tumblr_lrf0jjqMvy1qe9qato1_1280Jason Wu, backstage



Jason Wu backstage photos by Tommy Ton




Prabal Gurung backstage photos by Alfredo Piola



Maison Martin Margiela backstage photos, posted in the brand’s facebook page.

How do you feel about brands showing their backstage pictures?